Customise View on Product Listing Page

Customise View on Product Listing Page

The product listing page is considered as where the critical information of products is listed, such as product name, SKU and tax-inclusive price. It's convenience since you don't need to click into the product page of a particular product to get the details. However, the definition of "critical information" might vary from business to business. Therefore, Hike offers the flexibility to define it yourself.

You can choose what product information you wish to display on the product listing page. A Gear icon on top of the product listing page will help you select the information you want to display. You can simply tick the information to display and untick the information to hide.

The information can be shown on or hidden from the page is as following.
  1. Product name (cannot be hidden)
  2. SKU
  3. Retail (EX. Tax)
  4. Retail (Inc. Tax)
  5. Available stock
  6. Variants
  7. Barcode
  8. Supplier code
  9. Custom field
  10. Additional loyalty points
  11. Active?

Advanced filters

While searching the products in your product listing page, you can also narrow down the results by applying advanced filters like Product type, Inventory, Status, Sales channels, Sales volume, and sync status. These filters will give you more control in finding correct products data as per your requirement. You can either choose single or multiple filters at same time.

Note: This feature is only available for Hike Plus plan subscriptions.

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