Custom price list

Custom price list


Running Sales using Price Books

The price Book option in Hike lets you upload 1 price list for each of your outlets if you would like to offer varying special pricing by outlet. Alternatively, you can group them (e.g., one price list for New York outlets and another for Ohio outlets) or simply upload a single price list for all outlets.

If you don’t already have the template ready, simply click on ‘Generate template’. This will allow you to select products you want to include in the list along with their retail pricing. Then edit the pricing in the downloaded template.

Setting up Price Books in Hike

Price Books option can be constrained to a certain customer group or an outlet while running a multi-outlet store and lets you have a different pricing list than normal as per your need.

Once you set up a price book, the pricing will automatically apply for eligible customers and outlets when you, or your staff, process a sale in the sell screen.

What can I use price books for?

  • Different Pricing for different outlets: Target pricing allows you to have varied prices as per your need and the location of the outlet. You can have one promotion price in one outlet and different promotions in another.
  • Treat Loyal customers better: Reward your loyal group of customers by assigning them to a customer group using the price Book and providing special prices making them feel special. Add your staff and VIPs for separate or same groups giving them additional discounts.
  • Special prices for customers would leave them buying more to get better discounts thus boosting your sales and happy customers in the end.
  • Take control of your loyalty program: assign specific loyalty points, e.g., 2X loyalty points to a group of customers, different loyalty points while on sale, or remove loyalty points in promotion as per your wish.

Setting up a Price Book

To set up a price book, click the Customers tab, and select the Group options. Click Add Group and Custom group price option.


If you don’t already have the template ready, simply click on ‘Generate template’. This will allow you to select products you want to include in the list along with their retail pricing. Then edit the pricing in a downloaded template:export_template.png

Click on Export and Download the CSV. Change the Selling price, loyalty points, and quantity as and when required. export.png

Once ready Click on UPLOAD PRICE LIST CSV to upload the list of products and Hit SAVE.


Now, you can see the products added to the Price Book by clicking on the Price list CSV list as shown below and simply start using it.


If you have your CSV ready, Upload the File with the below informationyour_own_csv.png

  • SKU - A stock keeping unit (SKU) is a product and service identification code for a store or product, often displayed as a machine-readable bar code that helps track the item for inventory.
  • Product Name – This would include the name of the products that you would want to update in the particular Price Book.
  • Selling Price – Selling Price would be the edited or the special price you want to use for the promotion, discount offer, sales, etc.,
  • Loyalty points – Loyalty points would be the points you would the customer to get when they buy this product.
  • Min/Max Quantity – you can keep minimum or maximum quantity of the product to be bought to avail the Special prices or to keep in check your inventory to a certain level.

Updating or editing the pricing, Quantity or SKU

Once you have added the CSV file and wish to change the pricing or any other desired changes to the CSV, simply click on Export and download the file and make changes. Once this is finished, upload the file again and you are ready to make sales.

Adding New customer or deleting the existing customers to the Price Book Group

To set up a price book, click the Customers tab, and select the customers options.


To Add a new Customer

Click on Add customer and fill in the details and assign the customer to the particular custom price Group from the option below as shown in the screenshot.


To delete the existing customer from the price Book group

To delete a customer from the existing price book group, click the Customers tab, and select the groups options.

Select the group from where you want to delete the customer from and go the Assigned Customer option and remove the customer


Deleting the Custom price Book

Simply click on the X sign next the uploaded CSV and a pop up to delete the price book will open. Click on ‘yes’ to delete the Price Book.



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