Creating and Assigning Customer Groups

Creating & Assigning Customer Groups (Tiers)

Customer groups are a popular way for retailers to set different levels of prices and/or discounts to a specific set of customers.

These groups might include:

  • VIP Customers
  • Wholesalers
  • Cross Promotion with Members of a Club
  • First 100 Customers
  • Retail (Default)

If you assign a customer to one of the created groups, they will get a percentage discount on any or all items, as you’ve specified in Hike.

Customer Groups Overview

Before we start looking at how to set and assign customer groups, let’s look at the Customer Groups screen in Hike, to give you a complete overview on what’s on the screen so that you can better familiarize yourself with it.

Note: Before you start, make sure that you have logged into Hike as the Administrator.

To begin, select Customers on the Hike menu and navigate to the Customer Groups (tier) screen.

This is where you’ll find all your customer groups, and where you’ll be able to create and edit new customer groups, as per your business requirements.


The FIND search box, enables you to search for a Customer Group by name.



Select the +ADD GROUP button, to trigger a new dialog box to slide out, where you’ll be able to create a new Customer Group.

Customer Groups List View

The Customer Groups List View is in reference to the columns occupying this section. Below we’ll go through what each column means:

Group (tiers)

The Customer Group’s name. Always important to have a name that is easily definable.


This section gives you the number of customer under each Group(tier)

Discount type

Here, you can see what sort of discount is applied for this group: Percentage, Custom price list.

Creating Customer Groups in Hike

Let’s take a look now at how to create Customer Groups in Hike.

To begin, select Customers on the Hike menu and navigate to the Groups screen.

Select + ADD GROUP to slide open a new window.

In the Add Customer Group page, you will need to fill out the necessary group details, before you click SAVE.


Group Name

Give the group a name, describing the group. This is a mandatory field.

Percentage Discount

Enter the percentage value of the discount, the group members will receive.

To finalize the group, click the SAVE button and your newly created group will now be listed in the Customer Groups List View.

Find out how to assign customers to Customer groups

Assigning Customers to Customer Groups

Once you have created your customer group, you’ll obviously need to add some customers to it!

The first step, is to make sure that customers have been created, or to create the customers if a profile has not yet been made.

Find out how to add a new customer in Hike

To begin, select the customer that you want to add into the group, in the Customers section in Hike (Customers > Customer)

From there, click on the EDIT button next to the customer’s personal details, to open a new dialog box with various detail fields that you can edit.


Head to the Customer Group field, and click on the drop-down box and select the Customer Group the customer belongs to.

Click SAVE once you have selected the Group you want to assign to the customer, and he/she will be added there instantly.

NOTE: If no group is assigned, the Customer will be created under Retail (default) group. All un-assigned customers will be created under this group.

Adding a Customer Group in the Process Sale Screen

Adding a Customer, who is assigned to a Customer Group, works exactly as it would if you were adding a regular customer into your Process Sale screen.

To begin, head to your Process Sale screen and add items into your basket for a sale.

Before you click PAY however, click on ADD CUSTOMER at the top of the receipt page, and search for the Customer that is assigned to the Customer Group.


Once selected, you will notice that next to the customer name will be the name of the group that they belong and the discount percentage.

When you add a product to the cart, the price of the item will already reflect the discounted price.


You then proceed with the sale as normal.

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