Configuring your Star TSP100 USB for PC / Mac Use.

Configuring your Star TSP100 USB for PC / Mac Use.

The Star TSP100 USB Thermal Printer is for use for USB compatible devices only. This means PC or Mac computers only and does not include iPads.

Before you can continue though, you must ensure that in addition to your printer and USB compatible device you have:

  • Power Cables
  • USB Cable – That will connect to your device
  • Receipt Paper – 80mm receipt rolls. Load your receipt rolls by opening the latch on the top-right of the printer, place the roll inside, and pull some of the paper through before closing the lid.


To begin, ensure that you have plugged one end of the USB cable into your printer and the other end to the USB device you will be connecting to.

The same goes with your power cable, plugging in the cord to your printer and (AC) power supply.

Take note of where the USB port on the printer is located (back, left-hand side), and the power cable (back, right-hand side).


Once you have connected all the necessary cables to your Star TSP100 USB, and have turned the power on (power switch located on the left-hand side of the printer), you can begin configuring your printer with Hike POS.

Note: If you have previously installed the driver on your computer you can skip this step and go directly to printing a receipt on Hike POS with Start TPS100 USB Printer.

Installing your Star TSP100 USB Printer Driver

Generally speaking your printer driver will be packaged with a CD-ROM that you will install onto your PC in order to install the driver that will make the printer accessible on your computer.

If you do not have the CD-ROM handy or if you’re using a MAC that does not have a CD-Drive, then you will need to download the correct driver that will enable you activate the installation.

Check out our article, ‘How to find your Star Micronics Printer Driver?’ that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do just that.

Once you have the driver you will need to proceed with the installation. Select on the driver to open the installation screen. 

Click on Installation and then select I Accept once you have gone over the Thermal Printer’s License Agreement.


Once you have agreed to it, the Install Shield Wizard will commence, guiding you through the installation of your Thermal Receipt Printer.

Click on Next to continue.


You will then be prompted to give your Star Printer a User Name and Organization. Click Next to continue.


From here you will be able to choose your set-up type. Select Typical for a normal installation of the printer, or select Custom if you want to specify exactly what files are installed.

We recommend using the Typical setting when installing. Click on Next to continue.


Upon completion of your set-up type, you will be able to click on Install to start the installation. The installation may take some minutes.


Once done, the Installation Wizard will inform you of the completion. Explaining that your printer has successful been installed.


To check that your Star Micronics has been successfully installed as a printer, simply go to your Control Panel, select View Devices and Printers under Hardware and Printers, and in your Printers column, you should see your Star Thermal Receipt printer.

From here, you can select your Star Printer from your Print Preview page setting, when you go to print a receipt for a customer.


Printing a Receipt on Hike POS with Star TSP100 USB Printer 

Now that your Star TSP100 USB Printer has been added to your list of printer devices you can now print receipts on it.

Simply draw up a sale on your Enter New Sale screen, and conduct the payment transaction as you would do normally.

Once you have completed the transaction, you will be given the option to either Email or Print the customer a receipt. Select Print.


This will Open your Print Preview settings where you’ll be able to select the Star TSP100 USB as your printer of choice.


In the Destination field of your Print Settings, you will need to ensure that you have selected the Star TSP100 printer.

Click on Change, to open a list of your printers and select the TSP100 printer – or whichever you’ve connected to print your receipt on.


Once you’ve selected your Star printer, you’ll need to also ensure that you’ve selected the correct:

  • Paper Size – Select the appropriate receipt printer label size, 72mm x 200mm.
  • Margins – Select NONE as your margins, to properly fit everything on your receipt.
  • Scale – Ensure that your receipt is in line with your receipt template. This may mean that you adjust the scale for a proper fitting.
  • Headers & Footers – Make sure that the Headers & Footers option box is Not Ticked.


When you’ve completed the setting, click on PRINT to have your receipt print out. With the printer’s guillotine function, you’ll be able to easily remove the receipt with just a simple tear.

And that’s it! You’ve now successfully configured your Star TSP100 USB Printer!

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