Configuring your Star TSP100 & TSP143 LAN Printers for iPad or Android tablet

Configuring your Star TSP100 & TSP143 LAN Printers for iPad or Android tablet

The Star TSP100 & TSP143 LAN Printers offers retailers around the world an Ethernet solution for printing out fast and efficient receipts for customers around the world.

As a cost-effective solution for your printing needs, the TSP100 & TSP143 LAN printers, both connect seamlessly with your iPad or Android tablet and is completely compatible with Hike POS.

Here, we’ll go through exactly how to connect your Star TSP100 & TSP143 LAN printer for your tablet, but first you must ensure that you have:

  • Power Cable
  • Receipt Paper – 80mm receipt rolls. Load your receipt rolls by opening the latch on the top-right of the printer, place the roll inside, and pull some of the paper through before closing the lid.
  • Ethernet Cable

Note: These are the instructions for setting up your Star TSP100 LAN Printer. The Star TSP100 USB model is not compatible with tablets.

Note 2: The instructions are identical for both Star printers, but for the purposes of this article we will refer to the TSP100 LAN only, going forward. Also, the screenshots are taken on an iPad, while the user interface is the same on an Android tablet.

To begin, ensure that you have plugged in the ethernet cable to your router, and have connected the other end to the receipt printer. The Ethernet port is located on the back left-hand side of the printer.

Also ensure that you have plugged the power cord into your printer and your (AC) power supply.

At this stage your printer should be connected to your network. Hold down the FEED button and turn the printer ON. This will print two receipt slips, with the second slip showing the printer’s IP address if successfully connected.


Note: Your IP address could be different to the one listed in the picture above.

On your tablet, connect to the WiFi connection of your store.

Important: The key here is to ensure that your receipt printer and your tablet are connected onto the same internet network. This is so when you record a sale in Hike POS on your tablet, it will automatically print a receipt to your Star TSP143 printer

Open your Hike app, and draw up the menu by selecting Settings.


Once selected, click on Hardware to enable your Printer activation.

Here you will find a list of your printers as well as the TSP100 printer. As it is not yet your primary printer, select Use in Hike?


Note: Ignore the printers listed on the above screenshot, your Star TSP100 will be listed instead.

Once selected, you’ll be given a list of options from which to set-up your Star TSP100 LAB printer with Hike. You will be able to toggle each one ON or OFF as per your store’s requirements. Below we’ll go through these:

Primary Receipt Printer

Toggle this button ON, if you intend to use the Star TSP100 LAN printer as your first point of call for all your receipt printing.

Packing Slip / Kitchen Docket Printer

A Packing Slip or Kitchen Docket, is a receipt that the Star TSP100 LAN printer will print out with only the product name and quantity of the item sold. This is primarily used in cafes or food-truck businesses whereby a kitchen docket will be given to staff to make/prepare the order.

By toggling this ON, your Star TSP100 LAN printer will print the kitchen docket after it prints out the sales receipt.

Note: You can also assign a sepearate printer to print out your kitchen docket. Simply return to the Hardware screen, select the printer that you have connected, and toggle this option ON.

Number of Copies to Print For Each Sale

Select how many copies of the receipt will be printed after each sale.

Auto-Print After Sale

Toggling this button ON will automatically print a receipt after every sale, you will not need to select the option in the Enter Sale Screen on Hike.

Enable Auto-Open Cash Drawer

Toggling this button ON will automatically open the Cash Drawer after ever sale. This may be necessary in instances where you perform gift card sales or sales with coupons, and keep those cards in your cash drawer.

Auto-Open Cash Drawer on Cash Sales Only

Toggling this button ON will open the cash drawer only on Cash Sales.

Note: Enable Auto-Open Cash Drawer must be toggeled ON as well.

AllReceipt – Cloud Receipts

Toggling this button on, will enable Star Micronics’ AllReceipts function.

To find out more about AllReceipts click here


Once you have finished choosing your options for how your Star TSP100 LAN will integrate with Hike, select the BACK button, to return to the Hardware Settings.

Now, you’ll see that Primary Printer is named next to your Star TSP100 LAN device. If you need to change any of the options you just selected, click on Primary Printer to return to that screen.

You can run a test sale to ensure that your set-up is successful.

Troubleshooting Printer

If your printer is still not showing up in Hike Register as available printers, then it is highly likely that your tablet and your printer are not connected to the same network. To fix this, follow these additional steps:

  1. On your tablet go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  2. At the top, you’ll see a checkmark next to the connected Wi-Fi network.
  3. If this network is different to the router your printer is connected to, tap the blue “i” on the same line as that network.
  4. Tap Forget This Network.
  5. Now connect to the correct network and open HikePOS.

Go to HikePOS app and repeat the above steps from 1 to 4