Configure and Use Paypal Here with iPad

Configure and Use PayPal Here

As of 29 June 2021, PayPal Here in no longer supported in Australia.  Please confirm with PayPal if PayPal Here is supported in your region before starting the integration with Hike.

PayPal Here will only work with Hike on an iPad or Android tablet.

This integration is supported in UK and US. At this time there is no option to connect your PC or Mac to the Paypal Here Payment Device. This article is about how to configure and use PayPal Here with Hike Point of Sale on your tablet. 

Note these instructions relate to connecting your Paypal Here device. There is not an option to connect your Paypal Account directly to Hike to make online Paypal payments within Hike, only integrated payments with the Paypal Here device.

Set up PayPal Here on iPad

  1. Turn on your PayPal Here device
  2. Make sure your iPad Bluetooth is on
  3. Login to your Hike store in the Hike app on your iPad or Android tablet
  4. Navigate to Settings >>> Payment types, and activate the payment type PayPal
  5. Click on "Configuration required", and login to your PayPal account in the window slid out
  6. When you click on PayPal while processing the payment, a window will pop up to search for the available PayPal devices nearby. If the app requires permission to use BlueTooth, please allow.
  7. Please follow the prompts to complete the payment.

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