Change Your Credit Card Details

Change Your Credit Card Details

The My Account section allows you to manage the administration of your Hike account, including where the payments come from for your Hike Subscription.


As you will see, there are significant changes that anyone with Admin access can make to your Hike account. In prior versions of Hike, we used to have a SuperAdmin role, but this was restrictive for businesses with multiple directors, so we have given more control to our clients.

We strongly suggest you take this into consideration when deciding which staff will have Cashier, Manager, and Admin access.

On the My Account section, you can view the Billing Information section.



This lists your credit card information for Hike subscription payment. The same information will be used for any additional register subscription fees.

Click on ADD or EDIT button to update card details. The following pop up screen will appear to enter card details through a secure third party payment gateway. primary-credit-card-edit750.png

When completed, you will be returned to the My Account main page.

Or, click on the REMOVE button to remove the credit card information. A warning will appear asking to choose between the buttons CANCEL or CONTINUE ANYWAY. If you continue anyway, your card details will be removed.


You may also record a secondary card for payments.

Simply click on ADD SECONDARY CREDIT CARD button.

Will follow exactly the same steps as above, and can be removed at any time.

In the event that payment of any fee via the first card fails, Hike would charge the subscription fee to the secondary card. Next cycle, Hike will still attempt to charge the fee to the first card.

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