Can I use Hike offline with no internet?

Can I use Hike offline with no internet?

Using iPad offline

You can use Hike on the iPad without the internet.

Once you open the Hike App, it only requires the internet to sync for the first time at the start of the shift, updating any stock levels.

After you're logged in you can use the Hike app in offline mode to perform unlimited transactions, and all other functions to complete a sale. The details of the transactions are recorded in the iPad.

At the end of the day you can connect the internet and it will sync data back to the cloud.

In order to generate the close register report, you will need Internet access.

Also, to access any Back Office functions, you will also require Internet access.

Using Web offline

To use the web version of Hike, you would need an internet connection to get started. Without it, you cannot log in to Hike.

If the internet connection drops out during the day, you can continue to perform sales transactions, as long as you do not close the browser window. The details of the transactions are recorded in the cache history of the browser.

Offline mode in HikePOS web version allows you to do sale transactions, and all other typical functions under the Point of Sale section, but you cannot access any back office functions.

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