Bulk Edit multiple products from Product listing page.

Bulk Edit multiple products from Product listing page.

The bulk-edit option allows you to update multiple products directly in your Hike Store via the Product Listing page. This can save you a lot of time since you no longer need to manually update products one at a time or export your Product list to a spreadsheet and import the Product list after. The Bulk Edit works like a spreadsheet but is much easier and faster.

To start using the Bulk edit option, please visit the Product listing page and start selecting the Products you wish to edit. You can select/deselect multiple products using the check box. Once selected, please click on the Bulk Edit tab.

A new window will open which will display the products you selected in table format.

Each product/variant will display in a separate row and each column is a product property (SKU, Bar-code). You can add or remove the product property from the list using the 
the Gear icon located in the top right corner. 

Here, you will see on how to bulk edit the products on the basis of Product type, suppliers, brands, tags and other several options which you will see under 'Select option'

Clicking on 'Select option' will give you several options described below:

Delete product

With Delete product option, you can delete the products in bulk by selecting them and click on 'Confirm' once you are sure on the products you have selected to delete.

Associate product types

Associate product types option allows you to assign product type to the product you have selected. For example, if you want to assign product type "Cloth" to product A, you need to select that product and click on associate product type.

Associate suppliers

Associate supplier option allows you to assign your suppliers to the product you have selected. For example, if you want to assign any supplier to selected product, you simply need to select all those products and click on Associate supplier and then search supplier manually in search box to assign supplier.

Associate brand

You can associate your brand to all selected products in bulk.

Associate tags

With this option, you can assign tags to the products by selecting them individually.

Associate season

This option will help you to assign season to the products in bulk. You just need to select all products of same season and click on 'Associate season' to assign a season to all those selected products.

Add to purchase order

By clicking on this option, you will be redirected directly to create a PO for all the selected products that you want to purchase. Rather than adding product individually from PO page, you can select all those products and create PO.

Add to Inventory transfer

If you want to create a inventory transfer one outlet to different outlet, you can do it directly from here by choosing this option. It allows you to create new transfer order or also you can add products to existing transfer order (if open).

Assign sales channels

Here, you have the option to add e-commerce & POS directly to products. It makes it easier for you rather than go into each product or export and import the product file just to update the eCommerce channel. 
When you click on Select option, you will get several options in dropdown, there you will need to click on 'Assign sales channels' option to assign POS, Ecommerce to the products that you want to. There, you will need to select products manually.

Please make the changes you required on each property manually and Save the changes. Once Saved, all the changes will be updated on the Product page. 

Bulk Edit of products when Reorder point for all outlets.

When editing the products, there is also an option to add reorder point and reorder quantity too.
Both these options are helpful to quantity for all products in bulk instead of doing it manually for each product which is surely a time saving process.

If using multiple outlets in Hike, there are chances that all products visibility is not enabled for all outlets. Therefore, now you have the option to make and save the changes together for all outlets or to any particular outlets you choose while bulk edit.

On product edit page, it will show only 100 products on the page, so when moving to next page to edit the products, you will see a pop-up which will ask you to save the changes before moving to next page. As shown in the screenshot below:


Note: This feature is supported with Hike Plus plan. 

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