Apply Payments To On-Account Sales In Bulk

Apply Payments To On-Account Sales In Bulk

Hike allows you to apply payments into multiple on-account sales under a customer without going through them one by one.
Please navigate to Customers >>> Customers and find the customer to whom the payments will be applied.

After clicking on the customer, a window will slide out, showing the brief information of the customer and his/her purchase history. If she/he has an outstanding amount, you will be able to see the BULK PAYMENT button.

In the window slid out after clicking on BULK PAYMENT, as shown in the image below, you will need to fill in the following information to complete it.

  1. Which register the payment shall be paid into. You can only choose the register under the outlet you've logged into. If you want to change the outlet, please refer to Switching Outlets & Registers on PC/Mac.
  2. How much your customer wants to pay for each sale. The default amount is the full outstanding amount of each open on-account sale.
After filling in the information, you can click on APPLY PAYMENT. You will need to choose a payment type to complete it. If the payment type you are after is not on the page, please check whether you have created the payment type and whether the register you chose has been assigned to the payment type. For details of payment type setup, please refer to Creating Payment Types in Hike.

After completing the payment, you can choose to print or email receipts.

The user permission to process bulk payments

Hike allows you to grant or revoke your staff the permission to process bulk payments. You can navigate to Users >>> Users, and change the permission. Ticking the highlighted checkbox will grant the user the permission to process bulk payments. Please note, cashiers don't have the permission by default, and customising user permissions may not be supported by your current plan. For detailed explanation on how to change user's permissions, please refer to Adding, Editing & Switching User IDs & Permissions in Hike.

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